Every year 945 million chickens, 9.8 million pork and 2.6 million cows are killed in Britain alone. Slaughterhouses are continuously breaking laws on the way they treat their animals. They are forced, separated, taken, suffering and affected with stress and anxiety.
When buying eggs, we often look for the label “free range” and avoid the “caged hens” eggs for a guilt free purchase. Why are eggs currently the only produce that highlights how the animal has been handled? If meat packaging was to show the horrific way animals are exploited through slaughter and butchery, would we think twice about picking it up?
This impactful packaging focuses on how animals have been treated through their life, up until they become a feast for us to enjoy. The colours, typography and butchers inspired branding are a purposeful way of showing how influenced we are by packaging. This sparks a conversation, as the products would be picked up and bought without being aware of the honest facts and bold messages. This is an impactful campaign that would make you think twice about where your meat comes from.
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