For this project, I chose to recreate and modernise old traditional playground games. I wanted to help children interact with each other, use their surroundings and just have fun. I adapted each traditional game; Hide and Seek, Duck, Duck, Goose and Rock, Paper, Scissors to suit the jungle animal theme I was going for. Hide and Seek became "The Hunt", Duck, Duck, Goose - "Prowl, Prowl, Pounce" and Rock, Paper, Scissors - "Elephant, Cheetah, Croc".
I made masks for the players to wear so that the game was more interactive and appealing to children. They came with a box of colouring pens so that the kids can create and colour their own animals in, to make them more unique to each player. 
My alphabet was created by mostly simple geometric shapes, with a striped pattern on some to give it an animal hint. 

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